The Pestana Group began construction on the Pestana Douro Hotel in Gondomar, designed by David Sinclair, an architect who has been working with the Madeiran group for many years. The new hotel is based on the rehabilitation and requalification of the old Floral Factory building in Gondomar, next to the Pousada do Freixo, on the north bank of the Douro.

The Pestana Douro Hotel, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, represents a 20-million-euro investment and will have 165 rooms, creating one hundred jobs, according to the hospitality group.

The abandoned building of the former Floral factory was the focus of interest for a possible hotel rehabilitation, but it was their success with the Pestana Palácio do Freixo and the Pestana Vintage Porto hotels, both on the banks of the Douro, which convinced the largest hospitality group in Portugal to move ahead with the project.

In 2016, Pestana Hotel Group ranked 116th in the world hotel ranking, with 89 hotel units and 11,082 employees worldwide. It currently owns and manages 90 Hotels, totalling more than 11,800 rooms in 15 countries and four continents. With 1.1 billion euros in assets, it will probably have more than 100 hotels by the end of 2018.